Kiln Dried Logs Q & A

Q. Why Should I Buy Kiln Dried Logs?

A. The reason for kiln drying is to improve the overall quality of the wood providing you with the best possible quality every time.

The moisture content will be an average of 20% which is what the stove manufacturers recommend this provides a clean burn with maximum heat output. The kilns are fired on wood waste which is very eco-friendly.


Q. What Size Are Your Logs?

A. The standard size is 25cm (9.75 inches)

We can also supply 35cm or 45cm size logs (subject to availability) for delivery in bulk bags.


Q. How Much Does Your Wood Weigh?

A. You should always buy wood by volume and not weight as the wetter it is the heavier it will be. An equivalent amount of kiln dried wood is likely to produce twice as much heat as poorly seasoned wood Therefore kiln dried wood represents far better value for money.


Q. When Is The Best time To Buy Firewood?

A.Kiln dried firewood is ready for immediate burning, this can be bought at any time of the year. Seasoned wood is best bought during the summer months and even then will almost definitely need to be left for a further period of time to dry.


Q. How Much Firewood Will I need To Buy?

A. This will vary greatly and depend on a number of factors.

* The size of your property and how well insulated it is.

* The efficiency of your stove how you use it and how often you use it.

* The weather.

In an average year you are likely to use 3-4 cubic metres of kiln dried firewood. You will use significantly more seasoned firewood to achieve the same heat output.


Q. How Long Will I Have To Wait For A Delivery?

A.Generally we will be able to deliver your order within 3 working days, sometimes sooner. We are normally very busy during the 2 weeks prior to Christmas and delivery times are likely to increase to 5 working days, so please take this into consideration when ordering.


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