We always source the best available British Coal. The term doubles and trebles is used to describe the size of coal. Doubles is the smaller size measuring approximately 32x50mm which are ideal for smaller open fireplaces and the trebles generally range from 50x90mm - ideal for larger open fireplaces.

As you may be aware, the government have ordered for the sale of house coal to be phased out from 1st May 2021 to 1st May 2023. Therefore, our 25kg pre-packed bags will have to be unsealed. However, we can still provide house coal in the 50kg open bags which are tipped out into your shed or bunker till the ban kicks in completely on 1st May 2023.

If you are regular pre-pack customer who would like to continue using coal - we can either provide them unsealed or can provide an empty bulk bag to tip the sacks into till 1st May 2023. For more information please contact us, view our Coal & Smokeless Fuel Q & A or view the government guidance.

For Open Fires:

House Coal Doubles - a low ash easy burning fuel.
House Coal Trebles - free burning, high heat output.
Homefire Ovals - a manufactured cobbled shaped premiem performance smokeless fuel.
Homeflame - a manufactured egg shaped smokeless fuel. Low CO2 emission.
Newburn - a manufactured smokeless fuel briquette giving high heat with low ash.


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