Delivery Areas & Order Quantities

We charge no extra for delivery and can advise whether your order will arrive in the morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon or early evening of a specific day. For more information about deliveries please view General FAQs. Listed below is the minimum order requirement for each area -

Area 1: Generally most locations within a 20 minute journey

Minimum order requirement:
200kg Coal/Smokeless Fuel (8 x 25kg prepack or 4 x 50kg loose sacks)
10 x small bags of logs
10 x water softener salt
Or 1 bulk bag

Area 2: Locations around the 20-30 minute range

Minimum order requirement:
500kg Coal/Smokeless fuel (20 x 25kg prepack or 10 x 50kg loose sacks)
20 x small bags of logs
20 x water softener salt
Or 1 bulk bag

Area 3: Locations around the 25-45 minute range

Minimum order requirement:
1000kg coal/smokeless fuel (40 x 25kg prepack or 20 x 50kg loose sacks)
40 x small bags of logs
40 x water softener salt
Or 1 bulk bag

Please feel free to enquire if you are in Areas 2 or 3 and would like to order less than the minimum quota as we will consider it if we are heading your way.

Locations above a 45 minute journey are likely to be out of our range. Please view Delivery Locations at a Glance if you are not sure which area your location stands.

We do regular fortnightly rounds in the local villages which require a lower minumum order. For more details please view Special Offers.


Don’t forget you may add additional items to your order or mix items. Say if you were in an Area 2 location and you really wanted to mix things up to meet the quota you could for example order -

8x 25kg smokeless fuel, 8x small bags of logs and 4x water softener salt. Don't forget to add kindling and firelighters to your order too if needed.

We normally deliver within three working days. For really busy periods including the build up to Christmas and 'Beast from the East' scenarios please allow at least seven working days.

Please e-mail or phone us if you require further assistance before ordering. For more information and advice about our products please visit the Kiln Dried Logs Q & A and Coal/Smokeless Fuel Q & A.

You may arrange to collect your order by prior arrangement from our yard if your enquiry doesn't meet the minimum order quota or is out of our delivery range.


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