Smokeless Coal

Smokeless Coal

We always source the best available British anthracite and manufactured fuel, suitable for smoke control areas and available for free delivery. Available either in 25kg pre-packed bags which we will stack where required or in traditional 50kg open sacks to be tipped out in your shed or bunker. Different types of smokeless coal perform at their optium in various appliances.

We supply the following smokeless coal:

Anthracite Large & Small Nuts - natural long lasting fuels brought in from the Welsh mines. Long lasting fire bed with high heat and low flame. Ideal for cookers, boilers and roomheaters.
Ecoal 50 - a revolutionary manufactured hexagon shaped fuel made from crushed olive stones with low CO2 emission. High quality performance for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.
Homefire Ovals - a manufactured cobbled shaped premium performance fuel ideal for use in multi-fuel stoves and open fires.
Homeflame - a manufactured low CO2 emission fuel ideal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.
Maxibrite - a manufactured cleaner alternative to Anthracite. Ideal for Aga cookers and roomheaters.
Newburn - a manufactured cost effective ovoid briquette ideal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. High heat, low ash.
Phurnacite - a manufactured premium option for cookers, boilers and roomheaters. Long lasting controllable heat.
Taybrite - a manufactured easy burning multi-purpose fuel which slumbers well overnight. Ideal for roomheaters, multi-fuel stoves and boilers.

For more information about appliances please view Appliance and Fuel Guide.

For more detailed information please view Coal & Smokeless Fuel Q & A. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your options further.


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