Special Offers

Community Buy

Thinking of placing an order then why not buy with a friend or neighbour in the same or adjoining village and qualify for a price reduction (minimum order 1 tonne of Coal/Smokeless Fuel or 2 x bulk bags of Logs). Please contact us if you'd like to arrange this.

Quota Boost for Areas 4-6

Does your order requirement not quite meet the minimum order quota for your location? Why not go halves/partial on it with your neighbour or with a friend from the same or adjoining village? Please contact us to enquire.

Local Fortnightly Rounds

We do regular rounds in the local villages on a fortnightly basis. Please contact us if you'd like to opt in whether this is on a regular basis or a one off.

Trial & Error

We hope our appliance & fuel guide is of benefit to you, but if you are unsure of which smokeless fuel to try then why not order one of each in pre-packed bags? If one or more doesn't work for you we will part exchange them with your next order. Please contact us to discuss your options further.

1m x 1m Pallet

Free 1m x 1m pallet for every bulk bag of logs, 20 small bags of logs, 20 water softener salt or 500kg worth of smokeless/coal ordered. Request it with your order and we'll load it on for you.


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